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Aromatic Oils

Premium Essential Oils & Wood Roll-Ons

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Nature’s Fusions is founded on three tenets:

  • Quality: We commit to sourcing the highest potency essential oils from around the world. We test our oils both in-house and using outside labs and will release results of testing for individual oils upon request. We work only with suppliers who use sustainable farming, harvesting, steam distillation, and other practices to ensure the highest possible quality of essential oils today and for years to come. We do not dilute our essential oils or essential oil blends with carrier oils or other dilutants and guarantee that they are free of any additives or residuals.

  • Integrity: The natural products world can be a dangerous place. Minimal government oversight has created an environment of overwhelming information, usually based on anecdotes or marketing. Some essential oil companies make illegal claims about their products in their packaging or marketing materials. Others are organized around multi-level distribution methods that have traditionally shielded the parent company while allowing the company to endorse, reward, or simply allow individual distributors to make illegal claims to their family or friends. Regardless, many companies also make claims about exclusivity – claiming that they have the only suitable product in the entire marketplace. In such a chaotic environment, it is difficult and even impossible for someone new to natural products to know which company is telling the truth, and which is not. We have experienced the danger of misinformation first-hand in our family, and we created Nature’s Fusions to be different. Essential oils do not cure cancer. Essential oils do not cure Ebola or the flu. In fact, with few exceptions, essential oils are regulated by the US FDA as cosmetics and can make claims only about beauty and natural appearance. All other claims in marketing, labeling, and other materials are illegal. We strictly adhere to US FDA guidelines, along with supporting the international essential oil community.

  • The FOREVER Guarantee: Anyone can return any Nature’s Fusions product at any time, for any reason, FOREVER.


Natural products, due to limited regulations, present a risk to consumers. It can be difficult to choose a reputable provider, and even more difficult to find a product that works as intended. The FOREVER Guarantee ensures that no matter why you are purchasing Nature’s Fusions products, you will have a positive experience. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, or if the product simply does not work for you as you hoped it would simply return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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