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What is The Spying Elephant?

The Spying Elephant is one of the many #Elephantal personalities I’ve come up with over the years. There’re the two main ones that most are used to, the Spying and Shamanic Elephant, but there are others. I guess it’s just my version of the “masks” we all wear - except I didn’t want a boring mask. *shrug*


The Spying Elephant is more of an investigative journalist. They’re the one that brings us the Elephant in the Room. I say “they” because #Elephantal news can come from anywhere. We are all "Spying Elephants" to a certain extent.


The Shamanic Elephant is for the Spiritual Ones. The crystal healers and the sound makers. They’re the nature loves, full of holistic remedies for every occasions. The ones searching to just, be.


To sum it up, the Spying Elephant is an #Elephantal community.